"Discover Exactly How You Can Work Smarter, Earn More, Be Your Own Boss, And Start A Highly Successful Personal Training Business"

If You're a Fitness Professional Who Has Always Wanted To Start Their Own Business But Really Wanted a Blueprint To Follow Or You Already Have Your Own Business But You've Struggled To Build It To The Level You Want - Then This Is For You.


Dear Fellow Fitness Professional,

Starting any new business is an exciting time, especially if you plan to do it full time and leave your regular job. The thought of being your own boss, making lots of money, and having the freedom to work your own hours seems a very inviting thought. However with any new business venture, it can also mean a bit of doubt and uncertainty.

But this is where I can help you.

You see, along with my business partner Nick Berry, I’ve started dozens of businesses in the fitness industry including two of the most successful personal training franchises in the world.  I’ve also coached thousands of fitness pros to launch and grow their own successful business to six and even seven figure levels.

I’ve seen all of the obstacles that you can potentially face, understand all the responsibilities that you will have as a business owner and know exactly what you need to do in order to have success when you start a personal training business.


“If You Really Want To Start A Highly Successful Personal Training Business, Then You Must Follow A Solid Business System!”

You have to treat your personal training business like a full-fledged professional business and not just an on the side hobby. This means following sound business process, having a systematic approach to growing your business and really focusing on building a personal training business that serves you…not the other way around.

It also means that you don’t want to fly by the seat of your pants.  You want to have a plan in place that makes success not only possible – but also highly probable. You want to use professional caliber tools that not only make your personal training business function smoothly, but also help to present you as a credible expert.

You know you have what it takes to make your business a success. You just needed to streamline things, and have the systems at your disposal so you can avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’ and simply focus on growing a great business.

“But where do I start?”

It’s the most common question I get from new personal training business owners. They want to be shown the way. Know exactly what to do.  What mistakes to avoid.

Does that sound like you?

But here’s the good news.

Our knowledge, effort, time, and experience all work to your advantage, because the Personal Trainer Business Startup Kit gives you a proven blueprint – so that you can get started quickly, efficiently, without fuss, and be up and running your own profitable personal training business in no time! This in itself will save you months, if not years, and a substantial amount of money.

Not Only Do You Get The Knowledge You Need To Start And Operate A Successful Personal Training Business, But You Also Get The Exact Forms & Tools You Need To Run Your Business Too!

How much of an advantage would this be for you?

How much easier will this make it for you?

You will have a massive head start on anyone else just by using the information and resources in this kit.

And not only that, the results will be immediate. This will literally mean you can start building your personal training business immediately.

You won’t have to worry about having to get bogged down trying to figure out ever detail associated with starting your own business, trying to determine what tools you need, steps you need to take or things you might be missing. You can get out there today, armed with all the information and tools you need to get started and with total confidence in knowing that you are ready to go!

And this is where many trainers trying to start their own businesses go completely wrong! Most trainers decide to forge out on their own confident that they can deliver a good service and that alone will be enough to make them a success.


Providing a great service and getting the clients you serve great results is the foundation of your business – but you still have to operate as a real business and be prepared to tackle all the marketing, sales, operational and legal responsibilities that go along with owning your own business.

And the Personal Trainer Business Startup Kit will give you the blueprint you need for all of those critical areas, so that you can build the business you want.

Have You Asked Yourself Any Of These Questions?

If at any point you’ve asked yourself any of the following questions before starting your own personal training business…

1. Can any one tell me how to prepare a business plan?

Do I really need one? I’ve never written one before, what do I put in it? Does it need to be comprehensive?

2. Where will I train?

Should I sublease or should I get my own space? Retail or industrial? What should I be looking for in the lease?  How much can I / should I pay each month?

3. How much should I charge?

Should I offer small groups, large groups bootcamps, semi-private, or one on one?  Should I bill by the session, but the package or offer 3, 6 or 12 month memberships?

4. How should I market?

Should I do direct mail, TV, radio or newspaper?  Should I pay for a search engine optimized website? How can I get referrals? How much should I spend on marketing?

5. How should I handle billing and paperwork?

Should I take checks and cash?  Should I do paid in full packages? Is a billing software necessary? What do I need to know about merchant processors, gateways and business checking accounts? Do I need an accountant? What about an administrative assistant?

6. Do I need business systems starting out?

Will I be hiring anyone?  What will they do?  How much should I pay them?  How do I train them?  How do I keep from working 75 hours per week and burnout?

…then you really need The Personal Training Business Startup Kit. Failing to plan your training business properly will result in one of three things…

  • You lose thousands of dollars in uncollected revenue, missed opportunities and reinventing the wheel.
  • Getting burned out due to long hours, high stress and little reward for your efforts.
  • Or you end up giving up completely because tolerating a job you don’t necessarily love is easier than trying to figure all this out well enough to get the income, freedom and satisfaction you deserve.


“Okay, Show Me What’s Included In The Personal Training Business Startup Kit!”

When you make the decision to build your business with the help of the Personal Training Business Startup Kit, you’ll get instant access to:

Seven Comprehensive Business Building Modules:

Module One: Setting Up Your Business

In this Module you’ll discover the critical things you need to know about the legalities of starting your business, the basic business finance information critical to starting your business and all the other start up factors ranging from purchasing equipment to setting up your phone line.

Module Two: Building Your Business Model

In Module Two You’ll learn about choosing your ideal business model, pricing your services, choosing the right way to package what you’ll offer, leveraging your time through maximizing the hour you work and much, much more.

Module Three: Choosing A Location

In Module Three you’ll learn how to navigate one of the toughest challenges to opening a business, choosing the right location.  You’ll learn about what to look for, how much space you need and how much you can realistically afford starting out.  This module alone will be worth much more in value than the entire cost of this Kit.

Module Four: Generating Leads

Without clients it doesn’t matter how great you are as a trainer, how awesome your facility is or anything else, so in this Module you’ll learn the most effective strategies to generate a steady stream of new leads each and every month – with a strong focus on low cost, high return lead generation strategies.

Module Five: Turning Prospects Into Clients

In Module Five you’ll learn all about the power of ‘front end offers’ and how to use them as a way to systematically convert prospects into clients.  You’ll discover how to present your programs to close more sales and how to become effective at selling without ever feeling like you’re a sleazy used car salesman. This two part module will transform the way you look at selling and delivering your service.

Module Six: Back End Profits

Back End Profits are really the biggest untapped opportunity in most training businesses, and in this Module you’ll learn how you can maximize yours.  You’ll learn how to deliver a more complete solution to your clients and get paid to do it, how to generate referrals and create new opportunities and much, much more.  This Module could easily increase your business revenue by 25-50% or more.

Module Seven: Managing & Growing

In this Module you’re going to learn everything you need to know about the big 3: systems, staffing and number tracking.  These three factors are the difference between just being self-employed and actually having a thriving, lucrative business  – but areas that most personal training business owners have little if any experience with…until now.

In addition to these 7 Powerful Modules that will give you the knowledge you need to be successful, you’ll also receive the following tools that you can use in your business immediately:

Business Plan and Start-Up Forms

Comprehensive Business Plan

Writing a full, comprehensive, informative business plan is almost always necessary if you want to establish the vision and direction of your business for the long term.  Of course, precisely because it is so crucial, it can also be an incredibly detailed, intensive process.  However, the template included here will lay out how to create such a business plan step-by-step.  It contains all of the information you will need: how to write an executive summary, outline your business objectives, create a mission statement, and establish your strategies for marketing, sales, personnel, and financial management.

12 Month Sales Forecast and Cash Flow Chart

One of the most important steps a business owner can take is to plan for the future. These forms allow you to take account of sales history so that you can predict how much revenue will be generated from future sales across all aspects of your personal training business. The Cash Flow Chart will help you ensure that you have enough funds on hand to cover monthly expenses.

Break Even Analysis

You cannot plan for business success if without first knowing how much revenue you need to generate to simply break even. This form will help you determine your fixed and variable monthly costs. From seeing these costs, you can figure out how much of your personal training services you must provide each month to surpass the break even level and move toward profitable returns.

Membership Pricing Calculator

Do you want to offer your personal training services at a price that is both reasonable for your customers and conducive to your own business success? Of course you do! This Pricing Calculator offers a comprehensive approach to pricing. It distinguishes between 3, 6, and 12 month commitments for individual training, small group training, large group training, and athletic development, suggesting optimal rates that will appeal to consumers.

Pro Forma Template

With everything that goes into running a training business – accounting fees, insurance, supplies, website maintenance, and much more – it can be easy to miss something that belongs in your monthly revenue and expenditure ledger. This form simplifies the process by helping you easily track new and existing member numbers, monthly expenditures, and monthly cashflow into your business.

Consult and Assessment Forms

Assessment Check List

The initial assessment is where you’ll learn about your potential client and be able to wow them by understanding their unique needs. These forms will make sure you leave a great impression by never forgetting any of the steps in the assessment process. Make sure you collect all of the appropriate forms, take all of the important body measurements, perform each step in the assessment, and complete the sale and schedule their first workout sessions.

Initial Assessment Protocol and Scoring Sheet

You cannot create effective, personalized workout programs for your clients without first understanding their unique needs: posture, mobility, muscle imbalances, endurance, and other baseline measurements. These forms will give you instructions for taking such measurements and conducting the full initial consultation. In addition, you will receive the full scoring sheet to record all of your findings in one place.

Body Composition Measurements

Any trainer will tell you that the number you see on the scale is anything but a be-all end-all marker of fitness. These forms will allow you to measure girth and circumference of clients’ arms, waist, hips, thighs, chest, etc., as well as take skinfold measurements to determine body fat percentage. Track changes from initial assessment to later workout sessions.

Client Health Profile

Learn about your client’s current eating habits, activity levels, and past injury history. Discover what kinds of exercises keep your client engaged and active, and tailor their exercise program to their needs and interests. In addition, learn both your clients’ general and specific goals and what they hope to achieve by working with you.

Employee Manual and Guide

Employee Operations Manual

Establish your business culture by informing employees of your company’s mission and the expectations you have for your staff. Clearly outline ground rules for professional conduct, employee benefits, and more. Importantly, protect yourself legally by setting out fair employment practices and employee guidelines.

Employee Expectations Agreement

This agreement helps ensure that your staff is dedicated to fitting into your business culture and carrying out your core values on a daily basis. Set forth the standards to which you want to hold employees accountable.

Employee Recruitment Forms

As a personal training business owner, you might be reluctant to expand your staff out of fear that they won’t fit in with your business goals. These forms include a detailed Employment Application and Interview Questionnaire so that you can be sure that you’re recruiting the right type of people to help you run and grow your business.

Forms for Front Desk

Referral Program Forms

One skill many training business owners don’t initially grasp is the power of referrals. The best sales leads are not strangers who see your mass marketing efforts, but rather the friends and loved ones of the people whom you are already training. Learn how to use gift cards, free t-shirts, and other client rewards to bring in new customers.

Front Desk Forms

Simplify client management with these forms that make scheduling consultations, tracking sales leads, organizing workout sessions, and monitoring client feedback easier to do. These forms will also help you to keep tabs on cancellations and no shows, as well as providing a place to record your daily marketing efforts (referrals, upsells, etc.).

Managers Report

Every day you need to be active in pursuing new clients and retaining existing clients. Use these forms to track leads and take note of your individual daily marketing and sales efforts.

New Client Bonuses

Client Bonus # 1 Fat Loss Success System

Provide your clients with this fantastic bonus. This comprehensive guide will provide your clients with workout advice, meal plans, grocery shopping tips, foam rolling techniques, and information on supplements. This guide will also help teach your clients how to set achievable goals and chart their progress from initial assessment to final workout session.

Client Bonus #2 Interval Spreadsheet

Push your clients over the edge with interval training. This 8 week program comes with warm ups, cool downs, rep and set numbers, and rest time.

Client Bonus # 3 Training Journal

Help keep your clients accountable with these bonuses geared toward getting them to track their own performance. This bonus comes with hundreds of pages for your clients to chronicle their workout accomplishments, write down their daily goals, and keep notes on everything from how they feel on certain days to how many reps they were able to perform.

Program Design Templates

Exercise Selection Chart

Choose from hundreds of different exercises, including progressions, regressions, complexes, and combinations. This list of exercises includes exercises for each movement pattern and plane, each with a regression and 3 possible progressions. These exercises include total body moves, standard routines, and exercises geared toward explosiveness.

Client Injury and Modification Form

The last thing you want as a trainer is to do any harm to the people you’re training. This resource helps to ensure that this never happens by helping you keep track of your client’s injury concerns and what exercise modifications you need to use to help keep them safe and fit.

Workout Templates

Of course, no training business can truly prosper without great programming. These workout templates help make sure your clients are getting the best workouts you have to offer. These forms move from warm up templates, to starter routines, general conditioning programs, basic training phases, metabolic boosters, and MetCon focused workouts.

Prospect Info and Membership Forms

Membership Agreement and Agreement of Culture and Policy

You want your gym’s members to feel like part of the team. These forms will help ensure that you accomplish that goal. These legally binding forms establishes your membership policies regarding scheduling, cancellations, payment, refunds, and more.

Adult Training Forms

Manage your adult clientele with these forms. Included is a checklist of activities so you can collect client info, confirm client appointments, conduct assessments properly, and follow up with clients consistently. Also included is a pricing chart offering different rates for 3, 6, and 12 month memberships.

Bootcamp Training Forms

Run your bootcamps effectively by following these thoroughly laid out bootcamp protocols. These forms will help you price bootcamp membership options and collect contact information and goals for your bootcamp members.

Athlete Training Forms

Manage your athlete population with these forms. Included is a checklist of activities so you can collect client info, confirm client appointments, conduct assessments properly, and follow up with your athletes consistently. Also included is a pricing chart offering different rates for 3, 6, and 12 month memberships.


And Much, Much More!


“So Why Is The Personal Training Business Startup Kit Only $199.95?”

FIRST REASON: We want you to be absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of information, tools and value included in the system, compared to the investment we’re asking you to make. We want you to be so impressed with this program that you’re 100% convinced that it’s the best investment you’ve ever made.
You see, the contents of the Personal Training Business Startup Kit took us well over 100 hours to develop. That equates to over $40,000 in our hourly fees. But we hope that after you start killing it with your training business you’ll come back to us whenever you have more fitness business needs and the way we can make that happen is to get your trust by overdelivering from day one.

SECOND REASON:  We truly wanted to make this package affordable to every fitness professional aspiring to start their own business or existing business owner that is unsatisfied with their current level of success, no matter what their current situation.  Investing thousands of dollars is not realistic for most fitness pros so we wanted to make this program an absolute steal!

THIRD REASON:  We wanted to make sure that you have an IMMEDIATE PAYBACK from this Kit.  We guarantee that after you implement just a fraction of the material we cover in the Personal Training Business Startup Kit you’ll get enough business to pay back your $199.95 investment 100 times over.  Think about it, if you just get one extra client as a result of this kit you will have made your money back.  At this price point, it’s a “no brainer.”

You have 2 choices…

Option 1 – Try and solve it yourself. Isn’t that what you’ve already been trying to do?

Option 2 – Work with us. Take us up on this incredible opportunity to help you build the ideal fitness business and finally make your business dreams a reality.

The cost of NOT taking advantage of The Personal Training Business Startup Kit is HUGE.

You will continue to:

  • Be frustrated with the lack of progress you’re making
  • Worry about how you’re going to pay the bills next month
  • Keep getting what you’ve always gotten


Test Drive The Personal Training Business Startup Kit For One Full Year
With A No-Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

GuaranteeRibbon“Test drive” Personal Training Business Startup Kit for a full year with absolutely no risk. See for yourself how much impact this incredible kit will have on your business and your life. You are completely protected by our iron clad 100% money back guarantee.

You will not only be satisfied, we guarantee you will be thrilled and amazed with the increase to your income, steady flow of new clients and overall improvement to your business, or you can simply email us and ask for a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

In fact, if you’re not completely happy for any reason at all, then we insist that you ask for a refund. However, after seeing so many fitness professionals transform their businesses by using the systems and strategies that you’ll be learning and applying, we’re totally confident that you’re going to feel that investing in the Personal Training Business Startup Kit is one of the best decisions that you’ve ever made.


You’ve got to build your business the right way. You must learn how to work smart, using marketing that gets results, instead of working harder, “spinning your wheels” doing what you’ve always done or just sitting around waiting for clients to magically appear.

Or if you’re already successful, then do what all successful business people do – decide to better your best. Get that extra edge. Take it to the next level.

Decide right now to make a change and create the kind of personal training fitness business, income and lifestyle you and your family deserve.

This is a decision you will be very, very glad you made – we guarantee it.

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Make Today Your Best,

Ryan Ketchum


P.S. – This is your ‘Golden Ticket’. An incredible, fast-track education like this with all the done for you resources will literally fast track you to the business you want. What else could you ask for?

P.P.S – One last thing – Don’t forget the program is completely guaranteed to make your business a Rolling in the Dough success. There is NO RISK at all for you to try the Personal Training Business Startup Kit. If you aren’t thrilled with the increase in your income and the decrease in your stress in and headaches during your first month, let us know and we’ll refund your order. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


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